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Welcome to Charlie the Accountant's online home.
Discover how we can help you become a better business.
   CTA provides professional accounting and bookkeeping
services to a number of industries, including personal finance, real
estate, healthcare, wholesale, and service companies.
   Federal, state, and local tax experience is also to ensure your
accounting records are reliable, consistent, and ready for scrutiny
from investors, banks, taxing agencies, and your decision-makers.
Expense Report  Expense Report
Amortization Schedule  Amortization Schedule
Home Expenses Analyzer  Home Expenses Analyzer
Texas Franchise Tax Calculator  Texas Franchise Tax Calculator
Ratio Tree  Ratio Tree
Have an idea for a simple form or tool you want? Give CTA your thoughts to see what we can do to help you get what you need.
The CTA difference
With a wide variety of business experience and education, CTA can provide not only quality bookkeeping, but also business tools and advice to help streamline your business and improve your bottom line.
Important Reporting
Whether your needs are simply to have an accurate Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet, or if you need to keep track of hundreds of clients, construction costs on a new project, and ever-changing ownership percentages, CTA can provide accurate and easy-to understand reports.
Custom Solutions
CTA also regularly creates customized forms, reports, and tools using Microsoft's Office Suite. You can find a few of our more simple but regularly-used forms free to download on the left hand side of this page! Many of these solutions take just minutes to create, but can be an invaluable everyday tool.
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